Participate with us in the development of a new program

Participate in the development of a new certification program


Do you or your entity have skills you would like to certify?


Do you think that your position/function/job deserves to be framed in terms of guaranteeing expertise for those who recruit or entrust missions in this capacity?

Would you like your entity to be recognized among the founding members of a skills certification?


You can join one of our programs as an expert!

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Certification Program

A program is a combination of skill levels for a given job or specialty, which results in an assessment evaluation

Program Examples:

  • Specialitization ISO 20000 FSP Program: is the assessment course that defines the skill levels Foundations / Specialist for IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000.
  • Business program: Big Data is the program that defines the Foundation / Practitioner / Expert skill levels for the different professions within the field of Big Data Certification, e. g. Data Scientist.

Occupational sector

A series of activities and qualifications, on different levels, consistent in terms of target business line, for a given business line or target activity. The channels are independent and “parallel”.

Certification scheme


The ITE-AUDIT competency certification follows a three-tiered scheme on which the various certificates are distributed according to competency levels and professional fields. This scheme may apply to different professional activities. It includes

a level 1 composed solely of the Foundations certificate, which must be obtained in order to be able to take any level 2 exam.
a level 2 and a level 3 organised according to the occupational sectors, which correspond to professional activities of a different nature



Program Development Project


Developing all or part of a competency certification program requires two types of expertise:


≡   The experts of the trade targeted by the program, who will be the “guardians of the content”: they bring the knowledge and feedback that will make it possible to

  • compile the relevant bibliography, constituting the certification reference system
  • specify the trades and qualification levels of the program, leading to the certification scheme
  • define, for each paving stone of the certification scheme, the requirements for training topics and certification criteria, which will be published by means of the syllabus
  • develop, for each certification criterion, the appropriate evaluation system: for example, for the Foundation level it is a 40-question MQM. Level 2 is a case study based on MCQ. Level 3 will test the compatibility of the person’s behavioural profile with the program’s requirements in terms of knowledge of being (under development with the Institute of Neurocognitivism)

≡   The certification experts, who will be the “guardians of the method” throughout the development project. ITE-AUDIT provides these experts, who are part of the Certification Programs Department: they lead the project workshops, following our certification project process. Here is an example of this process (currently under way CSR certification project)::