Our skills certificaction activities are supervised by a Management Committee and the CPCI.

Organigramme 2016

General Management is vested with the highest powers to represent the company and act on its behalf in all circumstances.



General Management is assisted by two committees on its legal and operational tasks and responsabilities:



The Direction Commitee (CODIR) which is composed of two people from the company.



The Certification Program and Impartiality Commitee (CPCI) which is composed by two external partners.



General Management is assisted by a total of three departments:

Department of Certification Programs  


  • proposes programs aimed at responding to companies’ needs for their recruitment, and at people who wish to have their skills certified
  • leads program development projects: syllabus development, program directory sheets, creation and maintenance of evaluation systems

Department of Management System


  • Monitors the existence and proper functioning of the management system
  • ensures compliance with the code of ethics and impartiality in all activities

Department of Operations


  • recruits internal staff
  • manages the logistics behind certification sessions