About us


ITE-AUDIT was founded in France in June 2009 by certified IT specialists who had previously proved their worth within the RCB* ITE-AUDIT s. r. o. (Czech Republic), by building the quality system accredited by IAF* and carrying out the evaluation audits of IT Service Providers entities applying for certification in according to the ISO 20000 standard.

Ever since its creation, the company’s vocation has been to certify individuals skills and abilities according to the specific standards of their professional field. Individuals can get their skills recognized by an independent body of specialists, and thus obtain high-level positions or missions within public or private companies.


From the very beginning, the founders, who started off as just two but were quickly joined by others, have based the nature of their company on the following clear and simple principles:

  • Certification as a key quality means towards the execution of professional activities.
  • The respect for ethical values, even if these may appear outdated to some.
  • The understanding that skills complement each other rather than compete against each other.
  • A no tolerance policy towards discrimination. Every individual has the right to have their skills assessed, recognised and certified.
  • Value the recognition of experience as well as the knowledge acquired within an institution.



The strategic and operational management is guaranteed by a Management Committee.  Know more about the company’s organisation.


IT-AUDIT has high standards when it comes to values, code of ethics and respect to the  ISO/CEI 17024 norm of requirements for organisms that are dedicated to the certification of individual’s skills. All activities are monitored by the CPCI committee of external members with whom common agreement is necessary to carry out the launching of any certification program.


The programs proposed by ITE-Audit are inscribed within the frame of certifying courses that allow individuals to have their skills recognised business industries.


(*) RCB – Registered Certification Body: term to describe a company that has been oficially accredited to deliver skills certifications.


(*) IAF – International Accreditation Forum: name of the international network of accreditation bodies. In France, COFRAC is a member of the IAF and therefore issues valid accreditations in all countries with a member in the IAF network.

Skills and talent deserve to be recognised


Since 2017, the company  joined the Information Technology Experts Alliance (abbreviated as ITE-Alliance), a legal entity under French law, with the aim of focusing on its true distinctive competence: certification, which is the final step in the vocational training offered by its  ITE-LEARNING training center. 

By 2017, the ITE-Alliance has branches in France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic that offer ITE-Audit certifications in languages ​​other than French (English, Czech).

In 2017 our partner,  Groupe ACTIVUS became a reference shareholder in the ITE Group and made great contributions, enabling the Big Data certification program to be developed more quickly thanks to its significant feedback in Data Science projects from its clients in Industry and Services.