Have your own skills certified

Your situation :


Independant professional


You are employed in a paid position (full-time or part-time, permanent or fixed-term, in a private sector company, public sector or an association,…) and you arrived to this site because you need to evolve in your position or find a new direction for your professional future.

  • Was the knowledge you acquired during your initial training complemented by field skills throughout the positions you have held?
  • Have you benefited from a professional training program offered by your company?

In each of these cases, you can obtain official recognition of your skills by applying to the qualifications of natural persons offered by ITE-AUDIT. This certification recognized by companies and organizations is a welcome advantage when you apply for another position in your company, or when you want to change employers.

The certifications offered by ITE-AUDIT recognize your previously acquired skills while attaching them to the trades required by the profession (derived from the CIGREF* directory for example). They are offered by training centres accredited by ITE-Audit, in the form of short courses with the main objective to validate your previous training and professional experiences. You will then be able to take advantage of a few days of prep training before passing the exam in order to:

  • obtain a new perspective of your acquired knowledge in relation to the standards of the targeted profession
  • test your skills and know-how through exercises to prepare for the evaluation.

(*) Club Informatique des Grandes Entreprises Françaises

Independent / Freelance

You are a natural person working as self-employed

  • you have made the choice to face your profession indepentently
  • your progress depends on your market competitiveness.

You arrived to this website because validating your skills or aptitudes has become vital to continue your activities in an increasingly competitive environment, or because you need to find a new direction for your professional future.

Because of your status, it is probably difficult for you to get involved in both your core business and long-term training.

However, you have a solid experience and have had the opportunity to put the knowledge you have acquired into practice

ITE-AUDIT certifications are offered at the end of training courses. The objective is to put all your accumulated skills into perspective, by relating them to the business needs of the current market:

  • in terms of business knowledge of future clients
  • in terms of business level, which specifies the qualification your future customers need.

The certification of competence of individuals by an independent third party, guarantees credibility and a clear positioning of your experience and how it lines up with their needs.